The Well-Balanced Sofa was inspired by Italian design and offers beautifully tailored channel
tufting in a luxurious basketweave fabric in a shimmering Moonstone hue. This stylish vogue
detailing and cosmopolitan silhouette make this sofa the perfect focal point to build a
spectacular room around in whichever chic city you’re in across the globe. A tailored, thin gold
detail is incorporated into the sofa frame. Its squared arms are the perfect height for resting or
reading. Suspended off the ground by a continuous Majestic Gold framework, this sofa appears
to be lighter than air. This sofa’s sophisticated lines look beautiful when floating in an interior.
Consider a pair of sofas in front of a fireplace or to enjoy a beautiful vista. It also pairs beautifully
with the Well-Balanced Chair and Ottoman and our seriously stylish Svelte chairs.