Introducing SR Interiors: Home of Max Sparrow Furniture Brands

A world of furniture awaits at SR Interiors, where we’ve seamlessly continued the Max Sparrow Furniture brands. It’s been a remarkable journey with brands we’ve shared with Max since 2015, in search of the finest furniture gems from around the globe.

However, with Max now retired from circumnavigating the world, the unique furniture is now available exclusively at SR Interiors. Previously partners with the premium furniture brands that were well-loved at Max, you can discover the same Max Sparrow Furniture collections at SR Interiors, offering the ultimate in luxury and timeless proportions. Our curated a selection of premium brands, including Caracole and ART, are renowned for their traditional, transitional, contemporary, coastal, lodge, modern artisan, luxury, and designer furniture styles.

From sumptuously comfortable upholstery with 8-way hand-tied springs, quality foams, feathers, and fabrics in our sofas, armchairs, and sectional sofas, to the striking dining room tables and dining chairs that become the heart of your home, SR Interiors brings you the pinnacle of style and craftsmanship in the mid-to-high-end interiors market. Our bedroom suites create sanctuaries of style, featuring exquisite bedsteads complemented by fine cabinetry and bedroom chests. Let’s not forget the dynamic style of our coffee tables, lamp tables, spot tables, buffets, and console tables, which add architectural flair and structure to any space. Max Sparrow Furniture, Max Sparrow Bedroom Furniture, Max Sparrow Sofas, Max Sparrow Chairs, and Max Furniture are now all available at SR Interiors. Shop online here, or visit our exclusive, inspirational showrooms in Sydney and Auckland to experience the luxury and comfort of impeccable furniture design, firsthand.

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Max Sparrow Bedroom

A statement in luxury, SR Interiors brings elegant materials that have been finely crafted into furniture with impeccable style to enhance the interiors of the worlds best homes and interiors. Throughout the collection are dramatic statements for living rooms, dining rooms, studies, sitting areas, entertainment rooms and bedrooms in highly-polished finishes, unique woods, majestic & muted metals, indulgent leathers and sumptuous fabrics. At once refined, rustic, classic and aristocratic, SR Interiors is an unrivalled bespoke furniture collection for international connoisseurs of high design.

Max Sparrow Living Room Lounge furniture now available at SR Interiors

FAQ’s About SR Interiors and Max Sparrow Furniture Brands

1. What happened to Max Sparrow Furniture?
– Max Sparrow Furniture has ceased trading in 2020- both online and bricks and mortar stores; however the same furniture brands are available at SR Interiors, where you can discover the same exquisite collections online or at our showrooms in Sydney and Auckland.

2. Who owns SR Interiors and the Max Sparrow brand now?
– SR Interiors is the proud curator of the furniture brands previously distributed in Australia by Max Sparrow Furniture. SR Interiors shares same dedication to luxury and timeless design, but has no affiliation with Max Sparrow or its parent company.

3. What furniture brands can I find at SR Interiors?
– SR Interiors exclusively offers premium brands including Caracole, Baker, McGuire, Hooker, Bernhardt and ART, spanning various furniture styles to suit discerning clients in Australia and New Zealand.

4. Where can I buy Max Sparrow Furniture, and Max Sofas? 
–  The furniture brands previously sold by Max Sparrow are now available exclusively at SR Interiors, including Max Sparrow Sofas, Max Sparrow Dining Furniture, Max Sparrow Bedroom Furniture and Max Sparrow Tables. SR Interiors sells furniture that was available at Max Sparrow, from their online store or visit a showroom in Sydney Australia, or Auckland New Zealand.

5. What makes Max Sparrow Furniture at SR Interiors stand out?
– What was formerly Max Sparrow Furniture collections are now part of the wider range of furniture at SR Interiors that has been designed by leading global furniture designers who have a eye for purity of line and international styles. The standard for luxury and comfort, featuring hand-tied springs, quality foams, feathers, and fabrics, our dining, bedroom, and living room collections offer unparalleled style and craftsmanship.

6. Does SR Interiors only sell Max Sparrow furniture?
– SR Interiors is the exclusive partner of other premium USA furniture brands, not only furniture that was previously featured at Max Sparrow. Our premium brands include Caracole, Bernhardt Furniture, Bernhardt Contract, Bernhardt Hospitality, Bradington Young, Hooker Furnishings, Milling Road, Baker Furniture, McQuire Furniture, ART and Visual Comfort lighting.

7. Is SR Interiors also a stockist of RH Restoration Hardware furniture?
– Many of the collections available at SR Interiors may look similar to RH Furniture, however we are not a stockist or distributor of RH furniture or interiors.

8. Is SR Interiors open to the public, or is it only for the design industry?
– SR Interiors welcomes everyone! Whether you’re an interior designer, property developer, hotel or a homeowner, you can shop online or visit our showrooms to explore our stunning furniture collections. Talk to us if you would like to become a retail partner.